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Stimulate, Emulate, Simulate

July 1, 2010

Parry Oei, Chief Hydrographer of Singapore is something of an enigma. Softly spoken and unassuming, he promised “no great surprises” in his keynote address. And then proceeded to deliver some anyway.

It was blue sky thinking for the most part, but underlying this were serious concerns: that owners were confused about ECDIS hardware, starting to wonder whether the S-Mode initiative will ever see daylight and concerned that costs would inevitably rise at a time when rates were under such pressure.

His answer? Stimulate, Emulate, Simulate.

The first of these is the simplest – deliver complete official ENC coverage before mandatory carriage of ECDIS starts to kick in. Without that stimulation to use the product, it would always struggle, he said.

S-Mode needed a kick too. An initiative of the Nautical Institute, S-Mode is basically a re-set button designed to allow crew to change over on the ECDIS and see the same data displayed in the same way. Keep it simple is the idea.

But Oei had a question. “Is S-mode realistic? The technology might be adapted but will ECDIS hardware manufacturers embrace S-Mode above their brands? That is the future and it is a matter of collective will.”

As for emulation, Oei reckoned there could be a better way – navigation should look at the ground-breaking success of touch-screen technology as a way to unlock the power of ECDIS. There was still a need he said to put the power of ECDIS on screen and learn from the runaway success of the iPhone. “It’s a matter of apps,” he suggested.

As for simulation, he suggested the industry could ramp up that power with greater use of Differential GPS. The accuracy of its augmented signal could be coupled with HO data to help navigators to get a more accurate picture of the road ahead.

The IMO’s Marine Electronic Highway project would look at this and the demo phase currently underway was an important step to making such services a reality. “eNavigation could be here sooner than we think,” he concluded.

The Future of Navigation docks in Hamburg

May 19, 2010

This week we have been putting together the finishing preparations for the first in a series of one-day navigation events with some of our regional partners.

Taking place in Hamburg on Thursday, the UKHO and German distributor HanseNautic have invited representatives from a number of shipping companies to the exclusive event hosted by Lloyd’s List’s Tom Leander.

Addressing the key factors affecting mariners, the one-day event aims to bring together people from across the industry to discuss and explore the principal issues – particularly in light of the transition of paper to digital navigation.

So exactly what have we got in store? The day will feature keynote speakers from the UKHO, HanseNautic, the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, Sustainable Maritime Solutions and ECDIS hardware manufacturer Furuno.

Among the topics are the path to digital navigation, the increasing need for energy efficiency,  issues for shipowners and managers, what training needs are on the agenda – as well as what the UKHO is doing to answer some of these questions.

Combining this variety of insights, discussion and panel sessions will ensure an informative process for shipping companies to help set them on course for a successful approach to digital navigation.

In addition, UKHO is letting delegates get their hands on its new decision support tool eNavigator and seeking feedback and views from potential users.

The whole day will be really interactive – in addition to usual Q&A, attendees will have the chance to vote on questions as the event progresses, so we can get a clear picture of the industry’s preparedness for mandatory carriage of ECDIS, training for mariners and a host of other topics.

The event is taking place at the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg, Germany on May 20th, and is the first stop in a series of regional UKHO road shows that will also visit Singapore and Athens later in 2010.

We’ll be updating the blog with some of the key points from the discussion on the day, so watch this space for details!


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